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The history of MU-MU cafe

The company was founded by Andrey Dellos a quarter century ago. At the time, it was a small company named after his founder. Today, the inspired entrepreneur with aristocratic French and Russian roots is a well-known restaurateur. Since the 1990s, the eponymous company has increasingly expanded and become a corporation, a holding company — MAISON DELLOS — Andrey Dellos’s Restaurant House. Among the restaurateur’s portfolio are over 25 iconic and unique projects. His best known gourmet restaurants are the Pushkin, Turandot, Fahrenheit, Bochka, Shinok, Volna, Kazbek, Matryoshka, and the confectioneries Café Pouchkine. Moreover, his confectionary boutiques branded as Pouchkinette are rapidly expanding internationally.

The café chain MU-MU (pronounced in Russian [mu: mu:]), being a part of the MAISON DELLOS corporation, was established in the early Noughties. The same strategy was applied to this project in terms of creating an idea, vision, and its presentation. The design of the café chain MU-MU is very distinctive. Once guests entered the café, they are surrounded by a unique and truly magic world of sincere kindness, fantastic hospitality, and delicious flavour.

All guests are served using a self-service system called «free-flow». There are food-serving transparent counters in a line. Our customers, guests take the food that they desire as they walk along, placing it on a tray, and then go to pay at the check-out for their orders.

For over 17 years in the market, MU-MU café chain has become so popular that opened 40 cafés in Moscow and its international airports, stealing the hearts of millions of locals and guests of the capital of Russia. A delightful taste and high quality food, reasonable price and excellent customer service is what makes us proud, happy and pleased at MU-MU!

We invite you to visit café MU-MU, try our menu items, and become a frequent guest of our café chain (including our CHINA FRIENDLY format). Please do come!

Travel and sport agents, social and cultural event producers, business and corporate concierge services will be provided with a tasty meal for groups in any MU-MU café.


To place a group order or have questions regarding this matter please contact our sales team.
Speak English? Contact us by phone +7 (495) 118-22-94 or e-mail group@cafemumu.ru,
Speak Russian? Please click here and follow that link.



ARMA Business Center
5/1 Susalniy pereulok
m. Kurskaya (The nearest Tube station or Metro)

Opening hours:

Monday — Friday 8AM — 10PM
Weekend 10AM — 8PM


+7 (499) 678-40-36

About the café

Launched in June 2016, a spacious café with a modern interior design has two floors with recommended seating capacity up to 200 guests. Our competitive advantage is customer service and variety of foods. Comparing to restaurants’ service or junk food menu, our service is quick, food is delicious and healthy. Try on!

  • Average bill per person (without alcohol) is 300 RUR
  • Over 200 menu items of authentic cuisine
  • Breakfast / Lunch
  • Meals suited to dietary requirements
  • Confectionery
  • Sushi
  • Parking zone
  • Delivery service
  • Free WI-FI
  • Happy hour: Monday-Friday 9.30pm-10pm & Weekend 7.30pm- 8pm